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my doggy

sorry, had to change the picture, i couldn't stand how perfect my skin looked. believe me, it's not like that. so here is my Tucker in a weird pose stretching, which he likes to do. i should show him off instead of me, much more fun to look at.

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    only me

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      Kat, I have no suggestions for you because.. YOU ALREADY HAVE PERFECT SKIN!!.. You're a beautiful girl.. nothing to worry about at all.

      BTW, sorry to yell that out hehe..

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      thank you so much, but you can trick digital cameras. i just thought i should put a nicer picture on there. sick of all my ugly ones.

      but even though you can't see anything, my pores are still clogged, and always something coming out when i squeeze. but i am talking about an amount where i can even count anymore in one day. plus arms, chest and back. of course i don't have huge pimples, but i certainly can't wear any straples shirts, or anything like it. not even a nice dress, it shows too much 'unclean' skin.

      but thank you again.


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      thanks for the hint. never even thought about that A on my shirt. but i had a clue in what was going on, because i have read your posts on other pictures obi!!!

      so many girls here are so pretty and i don't see any skinproblems.

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      i know no problems in this picture, i put some stuff in my face and the light was just right.

      so many compliments. :P

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      Well..."Catwoman" was a spur of the moment choice of a username, I think a commercial for the movie was on when I signed up or something. I do love cats...and dogs too, I've had both. The pictures are my ex-cat (not my ex'es cat) which is no longer with me. * sniff *

      You are a beautiful woman kat! I don't see that you need to do anything from your pix, but good luck on whatever regimen/procedure you decide on! :P

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      OK I don't know what kind of cream you've been using, but you seem kinda furry now :P

      and I think your sexy pose on the bed like that will cause unwanted attention from people :drool:

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      hi catwomen!

      i have to say, you are so great. thanks for your compliment.

      i will keep yo posted.

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      that's funny, obi!

      it is a weird pose, and i can assure you, i didn't theach him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      shuld i change it to a cuter picture? of course another picture of my dog. I have so many.

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