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Before Accutane

This is me before my accutane, id say pretty bad, andm y hair was a mess too! lol

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After a full cycle of accutane

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It didn't look that bad. Your lucky though that your derm put you on tane. I know I should of done it earlier when my acne started to get worsed. But, I didn't. Cause' I didn't know about this amazing drug.

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from that pic it looks like u don't even have acne...anyways hapy for ya bro...wish u all the best...get out there and enjoy life :(

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i have no REAL pictures of it, cause i was pretty camera shy, but i h ad big cycts that were blood pockets, and it was really painful, and what not, so im glad i got on it

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hi prospeeder,

I'm very happy :( that you had good results with accutane.

Just wondering, how old is your doggy in this photo??

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did a derm or someone actually tell you that your acne was really bad? I mean, i just cant see how you can think that your acne was bad from this photo. Or maybe the camera flash made ur skin look lighter and better here. But you look absolutely fab in the after pics. you know THAT, dont you?

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When you say the 'first four months were hell' what did you mean? Did your acne get worse and then better as Accutane started to work, or did accutane affect your body and make u ill?

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The accutane made the accne ALOT worse and dried my face out really really bad, like, big patches of dry flaking red skin. I had pretty bad acne, and i have tried Salistic acid, diet change, BP, Proactive, and none of it would touch it, when i developed body acne like crazy is when i got on accutance, big huge blood pockets on my lower jaw and back and chest was horrible, i barley touch them and oodles of sticky thin blood would pour out, i even developed a skin infection and the pus turned green, but now its all over

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You had really bad acne before the roaccutane, it doesn't look that bad because of the bright light you tried to hide it with. Congratulations on clear skin dude.

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Congrats! I had a friend that took accutane and it worked wonders. My dr wouldnt recommended me he said its only moderate. I'm just tired of taking the basic pill he has me on

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