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1 Month other side..


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Past, Present and Future..

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i got a pimple on it... any improvement even though the other pics lighting wasnt that good. anyone?

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I can see some improvement :angel: But I hear that Accutane can take some time to work. Don't worry too much it will clear you up :dance: Plus you are really attractive (even with acne) :( You have very handsome features :hand:

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its disheartning I don't see much of anything then I start breaking out bad today. 1 month of hell truly its been.

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Try not to stress about it. I've seen accutane users cystic acne go to nothing! It'll pass. Besides it doesn't look that bad. What products do you use?

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A month on tane isnt nearly long enough for real results...i'm on week 10 and still havent cleared entirely and i didn't have much acne to begin with just persistant and bothersome to me,you should see more results around month 2-3..sometimes 4..accutane will bring everything up(clogged pores,zits whiteheads etc)to the surface which will allow the pore to shrink down ..takes time these things..

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You are VERY attractive. And I have been looking at your pics . . . you skin is definitely improving and it looks like everything should clear up nicely. I think you'll be very happy with the results! Even with the little acne you have you are GORGEOUS!

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Your acne is similar to what mine looked like before accutane. after hitting the month 2 mark everything was great! ...your gorgeous!

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yeah everytime i see this pic i imagine that you have a cigarette popping out of ur nose!! I wonder if a person can smoke by using your nose? could be a cool party trick. ha ha. Anywayz, you are cute and your acne is really nothing serious. good luck

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As said before, you're a good looking person. i wish you the best f luck with your accutane. You rskin looks like it wont scar. I hope you clear up ASAP. GOOD LUCK MAN!!!!

-cheer up....!!!

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