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Left side day 70 on tane

I could see my scars. :D

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I see no scarring Claud. The only thing that stands out to me is a sad expression on an otherwise good-looking face. We all expect and desire perfection. I'm sure there is even more improvement to be had. Nice shades in the other pic by the way :(

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I see no scarring Claud.

No, I agree.

Even from this picture, it's improved quite a bit:


Basically skin is constantly remodelling itself. The kind of 'scarring' you had will be removed as the skin turns over. You're going to get some redness there for a few more months; and then it should go, and after that if you flush it will reappear. But that fades too. Really it looks pretty flat, and that's a really good sign. It's the pock-marks that hang around literally forever, and truly I can't see any. And if I can't see them in the photo, if you do have some, they're too small to worry.

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Your skin looks SO good, and I'm not saying that to make you feel better. Honestly, I have never seen Accutane work as beautifully as it has for you on anyone else. Your skin has come such a long way and it just looks gorgeous!

Plus, don't worry, those aren't scars . . . it's just redness from the medicine. Almost everyone I know who has taken Accutane had the same thing, and I did too, but it goes away within 1-2 weeks after you are off the medicine!

Congratulations, your skin looks BEAUTIFUL!

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i cannot believe your before and after pics!!!!! prob one of the most amazing transformations i have ever seen!! you are one of the lucky ones. especially in the scarring dept. just wait a little while and go get a chem peel or some dermabrasion. you will look perfect. i just bought some stuff called microdermx. it is supposed to work great for acne scars, large pores, uneven skin. i will let everyone know how it works after i try it.

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