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My battle with acne

Hey guys I decided to get confident and start posting the truth! I have had acne all since the age of 12. Now i have cystic acne and I am embarrassed to even post my pics up here since I know a lot of people. But I will do it to support you guys and to get some support and feedback from your comments. Here is my first pic and this was when I was acne free. Wish I was like that again:(

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hey have u tried the clear skin regiemn? ur skin doesnt look too bad from that pic so im pretty sure it will fix your problem.

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Hey you guys thanks for replying to me:) b24k you are right about that pic that was when I had great skin. I was using Proactive at the time and it work its magic on me for almost a year. In fact after a while I stoped using it cause the only acne i would get was one on my cheek so I spot treated it. This was a mistake cause one fine morning all hell broke loose and i had this horrid bumps in my face(the ones we all hate cystic acne).

I was so sad about it and saw and iformatiol about "MURAD" I was like wow lets give a try! I was anxious when I opened the box and started the regimen. To my disapointment it made my skin worse I ended up with cystic acne allover my face and started to scar. Since 2002 I been trying to clear the mess that Murad left behind. If you see ratings on this product you can see that this is the side effect that Murad gives you. It is called the "purging stage". I call it the bullshit face it is a bunch of lies and just ruins your face. I returned the bottles after a month use. I got back to Proactive but it could not clear the mess that Murad left me with and only dried my skin. I was sad to discard the bottles cause I have no complaints about Proactive it is a wonderful regimen and I encourage everyone to try it.

I went on Tazorac and Benzaclin from a great dermotalogist named Dr. Richey. He also prescribed birth control pills, nicomide, and Doryx. This worked for me and I started to clear up. Then I quit my job went off my insurance and all hell broke loose again. My new primary care physician (i.e not a dermo) prescribed me with Retin A micro, doryx, and birth control.

I hate Rentin A micro it is making me peel and it is making the acne worse. My pimples are poping by themselfs. It hurts emotionally and physically. Some people tell me what is wrong with your face??? It makes me want to cry.

I have to take new pics of my face guys. Promise I will do it cause I dont want to pull a "Kimmy" here. I want your support so I will pose those pics with the cystic acne. :angel::(

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hey did you maybe get accutane? I've had it for 11 years so maybe you will think about that?

mine is very mild from my pics........but it's been peresistent good luck whatever u do

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if u havent already, you should definitely consider following Dan's clear skin regimen exactly as he shows it. ive had acne for about 13 years and ive been on the clear skin regimen now for 3 weeks and nothing has ever worked as good as it is except accutane, but the acne always came back. i use to use proactive too and it did help but the results were minimal compared to Dans regimen. give it a shot. you have nothing to lose. gluck! :(

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I know how you feel! I've had acne for 11-12 years now! It definitely sucks, esp. when you've tried EVERYTHING. I also tried proactive, MURAD, retin A and the list goes on. You haven't posted any acne pics yet, so I can't really give any advice besides 'keep ur head up'....things will get better! And don't worry too much, you look great. =)

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Cystic acne is the worst isn't it? Don't trip though, you look pretty! I have the same problem with having cystic acne! They hurt like hell! Since i've tried almost everything, (some meds. made it worse, some temporarily better and some just didn't do anything) i've finally decided to try acupunture as an acne treatment. *sigh* I hope it works, because I don't really want to try accutane since my liver easily gets inflammed. I'll let cha all know how it goes!

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hey there, i totally feel for you. stay optimistic. i'm on day 22 of the regimen and although i still have visible marks, the texture of my skin is awesome. it's worth a try, i'm seeing results, and i can't wait to see my pretty skin again!!

i did the proactiv also and my skin got used to it. i also tried the dermalogica skin care line and it made my skin worse. BP's the best. i can't tell you how thankful i am that i found this site.

we're all here for the same reason, girl. don't be ashamed! your beautiful!

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