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My baby cousin & I (w/no make up) 10/09/05

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      i am sure your acne is troubling you a lot..wish we never had to go through all this !

      in your earlier foot comments you had mentioned you were gonna try acupuncture...any luck/relief with that. ?

      i don't want to try accutane either because of the possible side effects, and in the past, whenever i tried something new for me acne, it just made it worse...but lets see...i am desperate to rid my face off this acne..!

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      hi, don't be offended i just want to help you. Okay correct me if i am wrong, you are willing to try anything because everything you've tried just doesn't work. right? have u tried proactive? did it semi work but not quite? well the only reason proactive worked for so many was because of the benzoyl peroxide ingredient. I understand you dont' wanna result to accutane yet. Well I can see that you have cystic acne on ur chin, which i think is considered adult acne. And you also have blemished on your cheeks. So okay, I too was there, the adult acne needs to be treated from inside, but your blemishes on your cheeks could be treated from outside. Have you tried Johnson and Johnson's pers gel? it has 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, If you haven't tried it, put this on your affected area, put alot. but the thing is, this stuff dries out your face. It's like a botox injection, this will tighten up your skin so much so try not to make any facial expressions. put this stuff on in the morning and night along with moisturizer for about maybe 4 days. If u dont' see ANY improvement whatsoever, then it prolly won't work for you. That's just somethign if u haven't tried it, If you do do this, I'll help you through the rest of the process...... hope this helps!!!!

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      Hi sk777...I will let you know how the acupunture treatment is going. I will be starting it sometime this week. But just the other day, I seen a close friend and his face used to be covered in acne, but now its clear and his complextion is so nice. He said he did that chinese acupunture treatment and that they give you herbal pills in conjunction. It really worked for him! Also, my friend told me that her sis-in-law did the same thing and is now acne free! I hope it works for me....but I will let you so know how it goes.

      Hi hopeful0587--thanks for the advice! =) I know you're just trying to help, but I found American products to worsen my acne for some reason. Proactive how ever did work for a couple weeks, but then it made it worse. I think my skin gets immuned to a lot of these creams, meds, and so forth, which is why I am turning to acupunture and herbal pills. If that doesn't work, I may have to try accutane.

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      hello. i'm actually kind of thinking about trying bare minerals. i've heard of it before, but have never used it. i was just wondering if it's any good and what you like most/least about the makeup. i currently use clinique's oil-free makeup (city-base).

      i've been on accutane for a little over 2.5 months now, and my skin is getting drier by the second! ::sigh:: makeup is hard to do when there's peeling skin involved i suppose. : /

      okay, good luck with everything and i'd appreciate the feedback very much! :(

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      M5424--Hi there! Bare Minerals is great. Expensive ($25), but I love it because it hides my scarring well and it looks very natural and it doesn't feel heavy at all. On the other hand, I have had dry/peeling skin, and like any other make-up, it doesn't work well with it. It may work a little better, especially when you put mosturizer under bare minerals, but there are days when I actually have to exfoliate my skin and put moisturizer under the make up to make it look good. Apart from its nice coverage, its all natural and doesn't have any harmful chemicals/ingredients.

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