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Went out today...day 54 on accutane

Me...you can see the open pores and my not so smooth skin in natural light..

my skin needs lots of maintance...i feel so bad. cause' is not smooth and healthy... :) that goes to show you having cystic acne is a bitch. :D

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    hey claud, ive been foolowing your progress and think that you look amaing. the reults are great! i understand your skin tone may be slightly uneven but dont let it get you down. it looks like you dont have any active acne anymore which i great and the scars will fade with time. but i think you look totally clear in this pic! good for you! :(

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    Hey claud, obviously there is a massive improvement in your skin and in no time you will be clear.

    Your progess is actually amazing.

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    I can see an improvement believe me Claud! Your skin looks more healthy! Accutane is a loooooonnng process you know.I have 7 days left before the end of my accutane round.I'm not perfectly clear.My friend (a pharmacist who took Accutane 2-3 times)told me that my skin will continue to improve after the treatment. My face is very red and my nose too.I have a lot of red marks (on my pics it doesn't look that bad). Don't give up!

    Good luck!

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    The acne seems to be responding really well. That's a good sign.

    And even if you were to come off Accutane today your acne would continue to improve for another 6 weeks or so atleast.

    From a scarring perspective your skin still looks kinda beaten up at the moment, but the scars, although over a wide area, don't look bad; I'm seriously thinking that within 6 months to a year you may not be able to see them at all.

    The really bad scars form deep pits, those stick around; but yours seem mostly rather more superficial, and superficial scars heal up more or less completely leaving no mark.

    It's looking potentially very good I think.

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    OMG Claud.. It's looking so mutch better ! And you know :(

    I'm so happy for you... the redness .. it will fade.. You are soo pretty:D

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    What am inprovement Claud!

    Ive been following your progress and i think its amazing!

    You should be so happy! :(

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    Actually I never posted any comment on someone's gallery before but Claud, I've been followoing your progress. Your honesty truly touches me.

    I'm very happy for you

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    your skin looks great, and the progress is remarkable.

    if you were brave enough to go through the worst days of your cystic acne, i am confident you'll pull through this waiting period until accutane does its job..

    good luck- sid

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