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Use banana peels,they help reduce redness from acne. And remove acne scars as well. Also for acne use Greek plain yogurt on your face for 30 mins . Then use honey for 20 mins. This helps removing acne , scars. I have scars on my face. It's on my left cheek. But also use banana peels three times a day and u will see a difference . 

Like your hair too.

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hey, just use the regimen but with other products (if it's too expensive for you). Benzoyl peroxide works 100%, you just have to let your skin get used to it and use it two (!!) times a day. Then, combine it every four days with alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid, both work and all of these should be available in basically any country that has pharmacies. After two months, you should be clean with only some scarring, but you basically don't notice those after a while either!

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I have similar problems with acne redness and bumps..  It is such a hard thing to deal with but home made honey/lemon masks help A LOT with recess and inflammation. Recently found out staying away from gluten, sugars and any fast-food will clear your acne as much as it will clear diet wise. Unfortunately the root of most acne related problems are in your genes/ hormonal. With that being said, keeping a clean diet and doing what you can topically will help with maintaining it until you are able to find the right treatment. I am photographer and model (currently taking break because of acne) but I can point out amazing facial structure when I see it and it is a shame when acne gets in the way. Wish you the best of luck in finding something that works for you.

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