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Is there anything I can do to better this situation..?

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What situation?  You skin looks a little oily, but nothing serious.  I also see what looks to be scarring on your cheeks, which if that's what it is, you can browse the scarring forums for DIY treatments or look into dermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

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It seems your scars are shallow. I think Dermarolling would be your best choice. I'd also
suggest using topicals to stimulate collagen production such as Retin A and an antioxidant Vitamin C serum. 

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Cleanse with black soap, man. My scarring wasn't far off from what you have and the soap has helped fade them out. The texture of my skin has also greatly improved. You look awesome, man, keep your head high. Those will all fade away with time! 

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Maybe you should try a Retionol or like that contains Tretinoin or Retinol whichever those are supposed to help with texture , and with wrinkles. So maybe, thats a option. Or get chemical peels, your acne is gone so resurfacing of your skin is another thing. Also I have like ice pick scars too on my cheeks, I think I saw something about a MSN cream. Haven't tried it because my acne is not cleared up. But those are some things you can try! Your skin is clear thats awesome, remember things can be worse. But also doesn't mean you have to deal with scars for the rest of your life . I think there are different types of peels like the severity maybe you can get a deep chemical peel. Best of luck, good for you though that your acne is gone. 

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