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Pigmentation or Scars on cheeks need some advice

So i'm a 18 Male, been struggling with these red marks or scars on my cheeks. I want some advice on what I  have on my cheeks and what kind of treatment would you recommend for me to do. Thanks

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Pigmentation or Scars on cheeks would like some advice.

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I had red marks similar to yours on my cheeks, and I realized that two things truly helped get rid of my marks: time and acne.org's AHA. 

AHA worked really well to clear/fade the red marks left behind from a horrible breakout I had. It did take a few months, but felt shorter because this was happening during the summer when I get tan, which helped disguise the marks (I wouldn't recommend tanning to hide the marks though, since everyone's skin is different).

Before I started using AHA, I used Proactiv's dark spot corrector. Some people hesitate with this product because they said the chemical is harsh or bad for your skin, but I don't know if that's true. I did find that this product faded some of the marks though :) 

Good luck! :)


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I agree with the comment above. I would also suggest Mandelic Acid Toner and/or Glycolic peels. If your acne is under control you could do some glycolic peels. I got rid of my PIH on my chin in one month using Mandelic acid toner and 70% glycolic acid. However, if you aren't an experienced peel user you want to start at a lower percentage and work your way up. 

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