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Update 03/10/05

just minor acne left chin and neck, some redness on my cheek and scars grr :D


scars dont show much on this pic go look HERE

    From the album:

    Adam's Album 2004-to Now

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    Yo I understand where you're coming from being self conscious about your scars and acne. But it looks like you have nice, clear skin and I GURANTEE no one notcies your scars. You only notice them because you're looking at your face 2 inches from a mirror 50 times a day... atleast I assume that. Im trying not to let me acne get to me so much because truely, people dont notice it like you do. Good luck.

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    Well I have the same problem as Adam. Just from my expeirence thats crap man dont say that cause you dont know. What about girls?? You think girls notice it?? Of course you dont but your a dude and so is he. Adam I bet you can tell I have be posting alot on here?? I am 20 year old male living in Kansas. Someday I will post pics on here. We have alot in common and think so much alike it unbelivable. Check for my pics often, they need to be seen. I on the reel havent looked at myself in a mirror in like 3 months. The only time i look at myself in the mirror is when I am about 25 feet away from it, or when the lighting is bad. I literally took bulbs out of my three bulb light so now i have one just so I can get close enough to put acne medication on.

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    Yes Adam .. I have seen the pictures.. And belive me .. It isn't as bad as you think.. I didn't really notice your scars before

    i saw the red -> you have drawn in paint..

    And i've seen a lot worse scars.. I think these would fade away... You look aWsome :(

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    I have to agree with everyone else who posted.. you look awesome. I constantly worry about my scars (it doesn't show in the pic I uploaded so don't base my skin on that) and I shouldn't because it could be a lot worse and I'm thankful I found this website before my acne got worse. My dermtologist just wasn't cutting it. She never even told me HOW to put the medicine on (it was Differin at that point) so don't worry about yours, you look good anyways.


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    Okay, if you feel really self concious around people, don't. I know that's a hard concept but everytime I look at your pics your eyes and hair catch my attention. You're a good-looking guy and your skin isn't as bad as you think it is.

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    you're still really cute! thanks for your sweet comments, too! You have amazing eyes, thats what I notice!!!

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