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no progress

i have been on acutane (dont kno how to spell it)

for about 2 month now

it sucks im 14 and have had ance

snice 6th grade now i am in 8th

my lips hurt and my face fells swallon

i have lost all my energy and am contantlly

tired playing soccer is gettin harder

and goin to skool is gettin worse as the days come

im tired of bein teased and laughed at for my complextion

to hind this uglyface i have to wear makeup and i hate that

all my freinds are beautiful and have it all

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    in need of help

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    hey :( my skin's been like yours. are you on the regimen? It's worked amazingly for me. and your definitely NOT ugly! just smile, you're pretty :angel:

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    If you're not on the regimen yet then I think you should try it, I hope it helps. Btw, if your lips hurt try putting vaseline on them. That'll help with the pain and help hydrate them. Take care. :(

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    Hey Girl!

    You are not ugly at all. I know it might feel liket those girls have everything beauty and clear skin.But you are pretty too. They will soon get a breakout or two, it is just part of growing up. It affects most of the american population today. You should try going to your Dermotologist. It depends on what type of insurance your parents have. If they have the one where you have to go to your primary care physician you should go and ask him/her for a refferal to a dermotologist. He will know what to do and you will note the difference.

    I will advice not to pick at them b/cause that will lead to infection. Be gently with your face. Try cetaphil it is about 2 dollars for a bar at walmart. It will not dry out your face and just like the girls said trythe regimen if you dont want to go to a doctor first.

    One more thing, what type of makeup do you wear? I have acne myself and some scars. It is all about camaflauging and also you got to be careful cause the foundation you wear can be clogging your pores. Be sure your foundation says non-acnegenic. I am using Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation it cost about 32 the bottle but it covers the pimples really good and best of all it does not make me brake out! Go to the Robinsons May, Macys, or Nordstrom counter and they will give you a sample. I swear you will love it. :(

    Here is a link to the makeup I am talking about. I am just telling you girls this cause I tried every makeup out there and this is the only that offers great cover up with no irritation.


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    OMG you are soo lucky I only wish my Derm would put me on accutane, my skin is a lot worse! alteast in my perspective I don't understand how people with barley any acne can get put on it when I have marks and lots of it and I have to waste time with creams and gels err you should be glad you're on accutane it will work I'm sure : )

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    hmm. kinda sounds like me cept im two years older and no one makes fun of me.. just they look at me funny. hang in there.

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