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Week 1

A little about me, I am on 20mg, twice a day....I am hispanic of mixed race and weigh 130 lb. Oddly enough I had perfect skin my whole life, YES...perfect skin! While everyone was struggling in middle school and the early high school years I was coasting along without a care in the world, lol at least as far as my skin was concerned. My acne started in the begining of 2011 when I was around 24 turning 25, at the time I had just gone through a rough divorce so one can assume these stressful change of life circumstances could be what started the problem. Other skin issues I have been faced with is psoriasis, I had it worse as a child and then grew out of it in my teen/young adult years, although under a lot of stress I will see patches on my skin or my hands but is very rare.

After trying everything under the sun and nothing working (OTC,topical gels/antiobiticsby presription, holistic approach) I finally decided at age 29 to begin Accutane, I dont like to think of myself as a vain person but the emotional side effects of severe cystic acne was having on me was just overwhealming, most days I dont even want to leave my house, forget about meeting guys and going out on dates.....i wouldnt even dream of it!! Im sick of hiding, ducking my head down, throwing my hair over my face, constanly thinking if the person im talking to can see how bad my skin is....its time to see this through once and for all. I welcome you all to watch this process as it unfolds...I could certainly use a little support. Okay Accutane.....Here we go.

    From the album:

    Okay Accutane.....Here We Go

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