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9 july 2015 (7,5 weeks post isotretinoin) // 13 december 2014 (4 weeks into my isotretinoin treatment)

I chose a picture 3-4 weeks into my treatment bc the pictures before that did not show the redness of my face when it was worst.

Hower, the right picture shows my face where it was relative much better compared to before my treatment :)

This is probably one of my last pictures, before i get some laser treatments of before my redness is almost fully gone.

I really appreciate the comments some of you have left though the last couple of months. I know that acne SUCKS, but try not to let it control your life, as it did with me.

But life goes on, and through this whole experience I've come to see that I've friends who loves/(cares about) me for who I am and not for what I look like.

And I just wanna say, If your acne is mild/persistant, please do not go on accutane, try food of elimination, and in most cases, I personally believe it's gut issues(!), hormonal problems, underlying health condition and a lot of other things that doctors deny.

From the album:

Accutane journey

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