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7,5 weeks post accutane!

Hi everybody! It has now been a couple of months since my last update, and in terms of acne, there hasn't been much of a change, which is good!

However, in the past couple of weeks post accutane, I've noticed I've gotten acne, like really tiny whiteheads, but they disappear quickly. I've had 2 breakouts, one of them a really small cyst, or maybe something else actually, but it really felt and looked like a cyst. I really don't hope acne will return worse than these recent breakouts :(, but it's NOTHING compared to my face before my isotretinoin treatment.

I still have a lot of scarring all over my face, but luckily no ice pick scars! A LOT of small scars, and rolling scars on my cheeks.

My redness has gone down a little bit, but it's still very visible, enough to attract strangers look and for me to still want improvements of the coloration.

I hope to get some laser-treatment for scarring, and maybe for redness, depending on the severity at the time.

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Accutane journey

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