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3rd of February - 11 weeks on Accutane

*no major change since 8th of january though*

I can't believe what this drug has done to my skin.

Okay so this photo is a couple of days old.

The scab on my chin is gone. Lately I've only gotten a few, small pimples, nothing worrying. It's weird, because before my severe breakout, I experienced more regular and larger breakouts than now. Currently I rarely breakout, and when I do it's a minor thing!

I do still have 2 flat-like cysts on my right cheek (left on the photo) but are hardly noticeable. The major issues left are scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which are in my case quite severe ..

But I couldn't be happier with the results, as I'm not even 1/2 trough my course!!

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Accutane journey

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Great update!!!! Awesome news about hardly any breakouts...how psyched are you??? So happy for you!!!! The hyperpigmentation will fade with time...sounds like you're through the worst and on the road to clear skin!!! :)

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It's hard to believe what ive been through, because Now it is much more easier for me to relax in public without Getting obsessed about my skin and constantly worrying. But the most positive things is that im not even 1/2 thru my course so I hope to see even more chances :D

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Yes, you've been through a lot and your skin has come so far from where you started. Will the Tane help with the hyperpigmentation, too??

I look forward to your updates...they brighten my day! :)

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I don't know actually, So far There has been no to little improvement regarding hyperpigmentation. I do hope so haha but as you say, it will fade over time so there's not much to do other than wait :/

But thank you, your comments brightens my days as well!

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Really happy for you...great progress!! Your acne was severe enough for accutane so you made the right decision to go on it. Now, every week that goes by will show improvement, and each day your skin will get better. Keep up the positive attitude...I wish you all the best!!

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Thank you very much KAmanda!!

Yeah I think so too. I never intended to go on accutane, always tried to stay the holistical way, but Accutane really saved me as well, although I will still maintain some of the good benefits by going holistic after my course ends, so that I might prevent it in the future

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