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The worst shape my face has been in



In the past I've used

Minocycline (1999) - My first course of Mino. I stopped after a week because it broke me out bad.

Cleo-T (2000) - clindamycin worked well but ended up with cracking dry skin

Panoxyl 5% BP (2001) - dried the bejesus out of my skin I was lizard

Clindoxyl and differen, derm put me on mino (which did nothing) then keflex (2002) - Worked well and differen made my face look like grease monkey

Hibitane and Clindoxyl (2002) The most perfect my skin ever was

Clindoxyl 2003 - Couldn't find Hibitane anymore so I winged it alone. Worked ok but got the occasional whitehead

BP 5% - June 19, 2005

Face pretty clear... a few pimples here and there. Was using Panoxyl. Was getting ringworm on my chest from hockey. But started getting tired of BP and it's drying effects.

Murad - July 19, 2005

Received Murad Acne Complex after ordering it from a late night infomercial. Started using it full strength as recommended. It murdered my face. Started getting bumps on my forehead and neck.

Aug 19, 05

Still doing Murad. Getting a little better. Really liked the moisturiser.

Sept 2, 05

Had another breakout. Got sick of these little bumps I got from Murad. Quit and went AcneFree. For the first week everything was good and the small bumps on my forehead and neck disappeared.

Sept 15, 05

Something is going horrible wrong... having a nasty breakout from BP or AcneFree. Quit the program and went back to Chlorhexidine gluconate (Hibitane) and Clindoxyl. Painful pimples starting to rise furiously. Face hurts real bad.

Sept 22, 05

Beginning to think that my acne is product induced...

Stopping everything and using a gentle cleaner Spectroderm and Spectroderm BP 2.5% and nothing else. Planning to use Dan's BP comes in the mail.

Pimples hurt especially around mouth/chin area.

EMBARRASSED at work, with friends, family, activities, inside and outside -- this is pathetic. At 24 I'm still battling. Follow me along in my journey. I will be bold and let you learn from my stupid indecisive mistakes. Let's see how things go.


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    I have done the following for the last month and thus far no new pimples. and the ones which i had are gone / including the red marks.


    - SA 2.0% - Neutrogena Face Wash

    - Shower periodically splashing warm water on my face

    - apply neutrogena shaving gel for men on my face - light circular


    - shave, wash my face w/ warm water and lightly towel my face

    - apply neutrogena after shave moist/lotion. for men on my face but

    do not include the nose.

    - I sometimes apply a second application of the moist.


    - SA 2.0% - Neutrogena(sp?) face wash (mon/thurs I use St.Ives exfoilating wash)

    - wait 15minutes, apply on the spot BP 2.0%

    - wait 15minutes, apply 'Clean-Ac' moist.

    ... From your pictures, i did have similar pimples on my nose but after the above noted cycle, things have definitely cleared. but be aware that results usually start to take shape after the 3/4th day.

    all the best... but whatever you do, never pick at the pimples

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    Both my parents have decent skin. But that is to say they are fogeys in their 50s and 60s. They have no scars.

    It's the first time I've had acne that hurts. Boy does it ever... I woke up this morning and the first feeling I had was a throbbing from these pimples. I hope I can share a picture gallery story with everyone to its success.

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    I bought Murad from the informational as well it started to clear me out but then all hell went loose! every since i have had really bad cystic acne. I am now on Doryx and Rentin A Micro. Hold on in there it will get better if you keep up your regimen. We should just be patient and hopes that it gets better! :(

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    Try the following regimen that has helped prevent inflammatory breakouts and make your skin look better. It's important that you do all of these together to completely clear up the problem.

    1) Take Vitamin A to reduce oiliness.

    2) Take some sort of antibiotic- either oral (minocycline/tetracycline) or topical (clindamycin)-Perhaps do both until you stop seeing pustules (pus filled acne)

    3) DEFINITELY use TRIAZ 9% Cleanser- Do NOT settle for any less than 9% Benzoyl Peroxide or it won't be strong enough to control the P. Acnes bacteria that cause the inflammatory acne.

    4) DO use Neutrogena Moisture to nullify the drying effects of the Triaz. This way you will still get the full effect of the 9% B.P.- This will most certainly control the breakouts where as 2.5% is not going to work for your type of inflammatory acne breakouts.

    I think if you try this combination you will see tremendous improvement.

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