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Day 52, Front face - 8th of january

Just wanted to share a front face pic of my acne day 52. I Think the lighting makes it Seem better!!!

But u cant really see the Dark hyperpigmentation because they're mainly located on the cheeks and temples, the redness has not gone much Down since day 34 into treatment.

But i am Coming to accept it so far, because i know it's only temporary. It Would be sad to let acne control my life, and Therefore i am just trying to ignorer it

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Accutane journey

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Wow!!! Looking better and better...so happy for you that Accutane is giving you great results. I really admire your positive attitude...your story is an inspiration to so many! Thanks for keeping us posted!! :)

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Thank you very much DeLovely!,

You know, I can only thank my family and friend's support for my attidude. When I was suddenly beginning to develop severe acne, Only strangers cared, or looked at me, and that was enough for me to withdraw from social events etc. My family and friends have helped me a lot, saying It doesn't matter, we don't care. Fortunately, my classmates also never really cared, I think it's just my mind that is so embarresed that I think that they care. Only a few have looked at me, many of them never look at me like I thought they would.

Also, recently when I saw a documentary about pakistani women who had been victims of acid attacks, I just didn't realize that my problem is only temporary and some people out there are struggling way more than me and therefore I have come to the conclusion that it's a waste of time being concerned about it.

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Having the support of friends and family makes a huge difference, I agree. My 13-yr-old is going through it and I'm being as supportive as I can, having gone through it before. We're doing the Acne.Org Regimen (on his 12th week) and it's cleared most of his acne. And you're absolutely right...I read so many stories of people who try everything and don't see results and they lose hope and give up. Glad you're hanging in there and not letting acne get the better of you.

A positive attitude is a good thing to have...will come in handy in any bad situation life throws at you! :)

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Amazing, I love seeing these updates! Your skin has come miles (: It doesn't even look like you have one single active bump on the left side of the picture!

You're absolutely right though, I watched some of the same documentaries and it really hits home how some people have a permanent struggle with acid attacks and disfigurements.. but it truly is a waste of time trying to be anything other than yourself.

Congratulations and I honestly can't wait to keep seeing your updates! (:

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Thank u very much Garrettryan!! I'm also looking forward to see even more progress, Hopefully!

My left side Is pretty much "clear", except the surface looks very scarred, or it is not completely flat yet, but the bumpiness is a minor thing! Except, I do have a cyst next to my ear which has been there for like almost 2 months now, but all my other cyst are kind of gone.

The most annoying part is the redness, and I've read it takes months to years for that to fade away, and the bigger the difference between my skin color and the hyperpigmentation, the longer it will take to fade away :(

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By the end of your accutane course I honestly think most of the redness will diminish. I mean you will expect some redness for around 3-6 months afterwords, and this is also the time the collagen in the skin becomes active again and any indented scarring will look better after 6 months as-well.

Keep your head up, you have so much to look forward to the following 6 months after accutane, and I can already tell you're one of the ones who will progress quickly (:

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