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Day 34 - 22nd December

As you can see, the places where I used to have really bumpy skin has calmed down, a lot of my skin has been left with really dark hyperpigmentation.

My Temples are so far 100% clear, but are also left with hyperpigmentation, But So far I'm really pleased with the results, I still have a couple of months left of the treatment.


today is 6th of january, and I am still continuing with 40 mg/day, which I also started with. My dermatologist said I should just continue with my current dose, although I kinda feel like it should've been raised to 60 mg/day to clear me up faster, I dont know :/

ALSO, all my blackheads at the nose area are gone! It's like a miracle!! although I'm afraid they will return after treatment..

If any judgemental people out there are here to say that my acne is caused by diet or anything related to that, I can guarantee that this is definitely NOT the case. I have always seen Accutane as an absolute last resort, and I DO NOT recommend people with mild-mderate acne taking this drug. There are so many other ways to clear out your acne, which is a sympton of INNER IMBALANCE. I, Myself, have made major changes in relation to diet, exercise and other things regarding holistical ways of curing acne. I know, acne is caused by a lot of different factors, but my severity is not diet related, if not some sort of allergic reaction or something.

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    I've been where you are before man. Just continue with it.... Hyperpigmentation takes awhile but for god sakes take my advice and DO NOT OVER IRRITATE YOUR SKIN while on accutane. Time will heal it... I wish you the best my friend.

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    Your improvement so far has been drastic, you will have clear skin in no time (:

    Looking forward to seeing more updates!

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    Thanks so much everybody! It's really encouraging. So far, the current situtation is almost the same as this photo, 34 days into treatment.

    Now is Day 50! can't believe it, days go by so fast.

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