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Scarring that got worse from the use of copper peptides and rolling.

I first used a 0.5mm roller and approx one year later a 1.5mm roller. I only used the 1.5mm roller 3 or maybe 4 times (this was a few years ago now),

The 0.5mm roller i used maybe 10 times or so. I always waited a month or more between using the roller, except once with the 0.5 roller where i waited maybe 2 or 3 weeks.

I used the strongest CP that was available (if i remember correctly), bought from Skin Biology. At first diluted, and then full strength. My skin had no particular reaction to it at all, so it felt safe to use it like that.

What has happened is clear in the image; instead of having smaller scars they seem to have connected into something that looks like a larger "line" across the face or even like a cut almost. It's the same on the other side, but the scar is deeper (though not as long as on the side shown here). The skin has gotten extremely thin around my cheekbone so it shows through the skin in a really scary way. There's also a bit of redness around it, it looks a bit like i've been beaten up.

That's all i guess. Not saying these products doesnt work, but they can definetely make it worse for some people. And i didn't even roll that often. It's obviously hard to say if it's the CP's or the rolling that did it. I have no idea, i only know it made my scarring a lot worse and possible my skin is now also extremely thin. I can only guess how bad this will look when i'm 60 (42 now).

Stay safe.

    From the album:

    Scarring from copper peptides and rolling

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    Photo Information for skin

    Taken with Canon Canon EOS 500D

    • 34 mm
    • 1/40
    • f f/4.5
    • ISO 400

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