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Yeah, I know I look disgusting...

But here's my face, and as you probably can tell, my face is not in it's best shape. Due to the poor quality of the photo, the severity of my acne looks better on the photo, than it really is. There's a lot of cystic acne and whiteheards, blackheads etc..

From the album:

Accutane (Isotretinoin)

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Photo Information for Pre-accutane

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I started it two days ago. Hope it does good for you. Dont put yourself down, you dont look disgusting at all. Acne is terrible, but you are not to blame, it isnt your fault. Im sure if we all had the chance to choose wether we wanted acne or perfect skin, we would all have perfect skin. But its not like that. Theres more to you than acne, you are not your acne and it doent define you. Its just a temporal mask of unluck and agony. Hope you get better.

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Thanks, that's really heartwarming to hear. I hope it does good for you too!

Btw I would die for you skin, I hardly noticed any acne lol but seriously.

And yeah I know, I was just the unlucky one i guess haha. My siblings though, they have perfect clear baby skin so it's annoying that I'm the only one dealing with this, and so severe

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