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1. Acne occurs to people that have a genetic predisposition to develop acne. Other people might have no acne but have weight problems for example.

2. Acne only develops once the body as been triggered in some way. It is only once something has been going wrong, that the body will start showing it by developing acne (genetic predisposition)

3. It is absolutely crucial to understand that acne is a symptom of a bigger underlying disease. This could be gluten intolerance, candida, Gilbert's syndrome, etc.

4. It is possible to treat acne effectively with lifestyle changes, but to do so, you'll need to change your lifestyle for the rest of your life.


* Stay away from sugar and foods with high Glycemic Index

* Stay away from gluten

* Start detoxifying your body - there are many detox diets and juice fasts out there.

* Do sports to pump up your moods

* See the sun

* (Put sea salt on your face?)


It's a shame that I didn't take pictures of June 2014 so that you could see the real progress in here but yeah.

At that time it just felt like all the stars were aligned in my favour. No pimples. It felt awesome.

I just came back from holidays back then. I was exposed to a lot of sunlight, sea salt and my diet was good for the last 6 months or so. I guess the diet paid off in some way, but I also think that sunlight and sea salt have a lot to do with it.

Unfortunately, I started having big acne breakouts at the end of August. I was sleep deprived, my moods weren't that great (so my diet neither) and my acne came to say hello again... It is then that I decided to go to my dermatologist again to finally ask for Accutane...

Even though I started with Accutane / Isotretinoin, this doesn't mean I'll stop taking care of my body. On the contrary!!!

I will continue to detoxify my body (especially with Accutane) to help out my liver to process the chemical.

The point of this story is that, with determination and absolute commitment, knowledge and emotional support, YOU CAN improve your acne WITHOUT any chemicals. It is just a long and painful process to go through, but it is possible.

I am no complete good example since I eventually gave up to start with Isotretinoin Accutane treatment, but okay.

Hope I was able to inspire you in some way and that I was able to show you what's possible.

Throughout the year I went through a lot of detoxification processes (juice fasting, liver flushing, lemon juice, etc.) and I tried to cut out the sugar as much as possible.

From the album:

Acne Progression - Holistic Treatment - Dietary Change

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