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I'm nearly 18 woo!!

Boring pic lol. Even though the camera quality isn't that good you can still see my marks. They're fading but very slowly :)

I'm trying to grow my hair but my hairdresser cuts too much off when I ask for a trim! grrr.

Anyway, other than all that rubbish, I have hardly any active spots, just marks, and a bit of dry skin. I'm not using as much bp, and I'm moisturising a lot. I'll just have to wait. I can't wait till my bday!! :D

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    hi babe :(

    Not long till my 18th either, might just do a low key party with friends unless i can get somthin better planed. What you thinking of doing?

    At least its mostly red marks which just take time to fade :angel: lookin good

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    Hi Adam lookin good urself :( lol

    Yeah I can't really go out to bars or anything cos none of my friends are 18 yet so we might not all get in and that would be bad. I might just have them round my house and get some drinks to celebrate with some music. Just got a month left to wait :angel: Hope u have a gr8 18th.

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    thanks :(

    A month to go huh? mines just over a month novermber the 4th.

    remmeber, remmeber the fourth of novermber, as its adams birthday :lol2: at least its right next to fire works night.

    Yea thats the same problem i have, they wont be 18, anyways im not really a bars/clubs person. I think you have got the right idea, im really glad that my birthday is before january as one of my close friends are going of to join the army so i dont know when ill speak to him next.

    I also hope you have a great 18th :angel:


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    dunno why but those pig tails are turning me on Robyn :(

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