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Muh Laddie.

Most people don't want things that are flawed. Which means I'm doomed.

His old owner gave him to me, because of his leg, which you can probably see from the picture.

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    Auuw you have horses! That's awesome!

    My mom would go apeshit over these :] beauties

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    You should be happy for that. WOW. that's so great you have a horse. Horses can be great company. :(

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    Yeah. Horses are great company.

    My mom has a small yard, we do breaking/training/schooling.

    It's nice having them around, and it's good for making some money.

    Laddie, (above right) isn't with me now, he's still out on his old owners land. He's 17hh +, and I have to find a good home for my old pony before I can get him in and start riding him again. Hopefully in time to do some schooling with him before the hunting starts up.

    No, I'm not a snob. :( I count myself very lucky to be able to be around horses everyday.

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    oooh Tysha, he's v. gorgeous. You are lucky to be around horses every day.. my summer job was at the barn where I ride and I loved it, although i don't get to see the critters as much now that university's started :( . Lucky you having a horse as well! I hope to someday, but I doubt any time soon. what's your horses breed and age?

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    Muh Laddie-bean. He's 8yo, and he's a Irish Sport Horse. He's by Naheez, who was/is a TB, and I think his dam was a half-bred.


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