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I GOT A STUPID SUN BURN>>> DAY 30 on accutane

When I got out of the dermatologist the sun came out. In that time I wasn't wearing my hat.

Well, as you can see the big cyst is like really ripe. It probably is gonna be gone by this week. And I got a big cyst on my eyebrow. It hurts alot. :D

So, as you can see is red. I splash myself with water so it should be fine.

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    ouch =( hope it goes away soon I have two cysts along my jawline now but they healed in about a week hope yours go away faster =)

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    your improvement is awesome claudia, congrats! :angel:

    remember that sunscreen is ESSENTIAL during your accutane course. take it from me, i'm currently on my 3rd round of the stuff : p...i'm new to this site, so i've only commented on your pics so far. but, i must say that your optimism is truly commendable. you seem to have such a great attitude about yourself and your struggle with acne. we ALL know how much acne can suck (obviously), but i admire the fact that you don't seem to let it take over your life. my acne troubles don't really dictate my life at all, since it's not that bad (just very stubborn!). still, it can really get to me emotionally (as far as how i see myself on the outside). i wish i didn't think so superficially sometimes, but i can't help it :(. any tips on how to stay/feel positive/good before the results start to show up?? ok, that's it. good luck!


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    HI CLAUDIA, well i'm new to this site and your the first person i see myself identified with...i admire you for being so strong and i'm very glad you finally dediced to go accutane...so obviously you've on tane for a month now right?...besides the redness and the side effects ( i.e. dry nose, mouth and eyes) what else should you warn me about...( becuase my acne is also moderate and i'm really considering taking tane becuase i'm fed up of trying so much shit and always being so disappointed with the results, but like you i am very scared....) what made you finally decide to take tane?...around what time did you have the infamous breakout?...becuase how does accutane really work?... any advice you could give me would help me a lot...and thanks for letting us get to know you! :( oh...one more thing, what about the costs and stuff?...how much do you pay and how often do you go to the derm?...(sorry for so many questions, i'm just curious to find a solution for this shit!) thanks a bunch!

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