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20140405 Left Cheek No. 5

mr. matt

This is a photo taken on 04.05.14 of my left cheek. If you compare this photo to my baseline photo of Feb. 2009, you will see that all of the deep indented scars have risen nearly level with the rest of the skin on my left cheek.

I had a total of four subcision treatments on my face. The final subcision treatment was combined with suction and yielded the most dramatic result.

From the album:

Five Year Post Subcision Journey Update

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really great and thank you for coming back and sharing all this with others...it's important to do that

I wish more doctors did subscision! Not enough money in it I guess!!

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Hi Mr. Matt,

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your skin looks great. Are there any reasons why it took you five years to undergo 4 sessions of subcision? I read that you could do subcision every month.

Also, does your skin look like this even in bright lights? I'm wondering since most of your post-subcision pics are taken in soft lighting.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for your post.  
I spread out the four sessions of subcision over five years because I work a full-time job and it took at least one week before the bruising and swelling would subside enough for me to be able to return to work.   Also, I've read that the collagen and elastic deposition process could take up to six months, so I wanted to give my skin enough time to heal before the next session.

The final reason that I waited was it was $400 per session, so I wanted to save the money between sessions and pay cash for the treatments.

While I have enjoyed a tremendous reduction in the appearance of my scarring, my skin is not perfect.  All of these treatments (subcision, laser, chemical peels, TCA CROSS, etc.) have really helped to minimize the appearance of my scarring.  

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Thank you so much for sharing your journey and for coming back and posting updates. It looks like the different processes have really helped your scars improve! You must be so pleased. I think your skin look incredible! The patience and perseverance was definitely worth it. Good luck for the future. 

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