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Hey y'all. :) Just an update on my skin, this photo was taken today, April 1st, 2014. I have recently begun taking beta carotene again (after weeks of being without it), & I have also added a mixed capsule of fish oil, borage oil, & flax, plus a primrose oil supplement (supposedly it helps to balance a woman's hormones). I also plan on taking a probiotic I purchased regularly as well because I'm trying to restore my "good" gut bacteria.

Topically, I have been doing a lot of Glycolic acid peels. I'm trying to fade my red hyperpigmentation primarily. It has done a GREAT job of doing that on my cheeks, which was one of my worst areas, and my forehead, which looks normal & that makes me very happy.

My jawline and temples have experienced some lightening as well & I honestly believe that with around 5 more treatments or less, my skin will look pretty amazing. :) Unfortunately, right now, my jawline & sides of face (including tples) are experiencing angry breakouts. I'm not sure why, it could just be part of the healing process with this last peel. They responding well to no benzoyl peroxide last night which isn't typical so I think these are more dry pimples than oily ones that just need some TLC.

I'll keep you all updated. :) I hope everyone's well. :D

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