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My left side...not that bad...My face is always red. biggrin.png

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    Wow, amazing improvement!

    BTW, how long have you had acne and why did you decide to go on accutane? Your skin didn't seem severe at all!

    Did you try Dan's regimen without success?

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    Hi mick90!

    I know that my acne wasn't that bad,but I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. I started to have acne around 19-20 years old (i'm 22). I tried cream, antibiotics, moisturizers, all kind of soap etc. So, my derm put me on Accutane because nothing seemed to work with me.You know,I always had a very low self-esteem and acne just made it worse.I'm not 100% free of acne,but I like myself more than before. I never tried Dan's regimen but I think that I will make it after my round of accutane.

    What about you?

    thanks for your comments!

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    Thanks for the quick reply, and you need to stop having low self-esteem because you're sooooo pretty, and your skin is looking AMAZING! Seriously, I completely envy you.

    I've been on Dan's regimen for about two weeks now, and I still break out a bit but I've noticed the breakouts aren't huge monsters. Some of my red marks have been fading slightly, and at first I applied way too much BP so I've been dealing with redness/peeling but my skin seems to be getting on track now. Well, hopefully anyways! I've been looking at before/after pictures in the gallery so maybe in two months I will feel pretty.

    I just wanted to comment because your skin is looking amazing, and I couldn't believe someone like you went on accutane but I am glad it is working for you!

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    Hey my best gal friend! (LOL)

    Whoa u look stunning luvvy!

    Dont worry about redness my dermatologist told me that it should fade after you finish your Roaccutane

    Good luck sweetie and remember that you are beautiful!

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