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Photo On 3 31 13 At 9.28 AM
© TreatAcne

Photo On 3 31 13 At 9.28 AM

Please don't forget to READ MY FAQ's before asking me anything --->


Sorry for the wait, It's been almost four months since I've uploaded a picture.

For the past two months I've been getting a lot of dental work done, so my mouth area was swollen a lot and I didn't really want to photograph that.


*Dentist getting my money*

... Then I got sick twice. Yes, that's right, I said TWICE. I got sick in January by my friend, then just finished getting sick again three weeks ago by my father. I must have slept 12 hours a day.


*ZZZzzzz.... snort...zzzzz....gimme back meh arm... snort...zzzzz...*


Anyway... this is today's picture. My job is closed today for the holiday today (easter), so I finally had some time to hide behind the curtain and get a shot of myself before I started my day.



Notable Logs:

07/11/12: Began drinking homemade juice.

07/15/12: Started taking 500 mg of Vitamin B5 (in the morning WITH juice).

07/24/12: Started taking 500 mg of L-Cartinine (in the morning WITH juice).

08/08/12: Oil Production on face vanished. Acne still persistent though.

09/05/12: No acne for about a week. Left over red spots still remain but face very smooth.

09/29/12: SOME acne snuck up... reviewing diet to find more possible hidden traces of sugar.

11/03/12: About 75 percent clear...

01/20/13: ...SICK. went off diet... also ate liquids for teeth after dental work...

03/18/13: ...Slowly coming back onto healthy diet...

Hygiene Regime:

None. Only showering once a day and washing hair every other day.


- No Dairy.

- No Sugar.

- Lots of raw vegetables, especially salads.


- No more supplements whatsoever.


- Sorry guys and gals, acne doesn't make me depressed nor am I stressed about much of anything else.

- I stretch/exercise around an hour a day and/or run 4-5 times a week. Still building a suitable exercising regime though.

- I get about 20 minutes to an hour worth of direct sunlight (no make-up on) everyday.

- I only wear small amounts of make-up for my job, obviously to cover the largest and reddest of my acne legions.

- I maintain a normal sleep schedule (usually 8 hours a day).


© TreatAcne
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    You've always looked great, in my eyes. But I am happy that YOU feel great.

    And of course, your skin looks amazing. <3

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    You skin is slowly but surely continuing to get better :)! So happy for you, you helped me ALOT especially when i was struggling with the hard journey of being on the regimen, but your positivity and reassurance kept me going!

    Much luck from me :)

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    oh please!

    i am anyway in love with u.

    dint need that clear skin with that cute smile on top of everything!

    u've already made it to my signature.!what else?!

    damn!give me a break!

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