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This is yesterday 13/2/13 - 21 months post accutane.

I am very sick now.

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I'm also post-accutane, like 6 months after. My skin looks a lot worse then yours(yours look really good). I have intense breakouts of tiny tiny pimples, whiteheads and inflammated on my cheecks where I also have a lot of redness as well. You still look beatiful, hopefully your hairloss will go away ( I haven't experienced any of that but my hair is extremely thick). Stay strong

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As far as I'm concerned, your skin looks a whole hell of a lot better than mine. You look great. I don't get why you are always saying how terrible the drug was for you.

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I saw your post about hairloss and dry skin.

I cant say I have the cure but heres what Ive been doing, mix 1 cup of jojoba oil or almond oil, whatever carrier oil you like with 10 drops of rosemary oil, 10 drops of lemon balm, 10 drops of lavender oil and 6 drops of cedar atlas.

You can rub it into your scalp, like a scapl massage, you can leave it on overnight if you like or an hour. These oils are supposed to stimulate your hair follicles and scalp.

I noticed within about 2 months my hairline, which had been breaking/receding was growing in a bit better.

Im sorry you have the other issues, I also looked very gaunt (my mother says 'zombie-like") on and after only 1 month on accutane. People dont understand you can look fine but feel horrible, Ive been there. You are pretty but I do see that youre very thin and your face is hollowed, I had similar. I also lost so much weight from the depression, and my weakened system caught mono, and now I have hearing issues from a rare ear disorder.

I wish I had more suggestions Im sure you know the usual fatty acids olive oil, salmon in your diet. btw Im going to sign your petition, even though Im not sure itll do any good. Best of luck and Roche can burn in hell.

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