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Girl, nobody looks at that particular spot, trust me! You have such a nice skin everywhere else, I envy you!! :)) Your little flaw is only visible for you, I'm sure nobody zooms in that much, so deal with it calmly - it will go away eventually :)

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Your words are so kind thankyouu so much!! Unfortunately it has got worse there more painful red hurtful spots under the skin. Your right I've got in stuck in my head how other people view me and need to realise these things go eventually. Thankyouu so much xx

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I understand the pain :(

Let me ask you something - did you break out like this suddenly, or was it going on for a longer time? What do you usually eat?

Start drinking more green tea (if you manage - up to 5 cups per day), get some blueberries ( both things are an amazing source of antioxidants which your body clearly is in need of right now), C vitamin you can get from oranges and kiwis, fatty acids - from salmon (wild!!), wallnuts and avocados. A big no to dairy products - you don't want insulin-like growth hormones in you! Cut down any white sugar intakes too.

Everyone's his own biggest enemy and critic. I have few female friends who also have acne. When I look at them I find myself overlooking their acne completely. Then I think to myself - maybe other people don't notice my acne either? They are so busy thinking about their own problems, that nobody cares if I have spots all over my face. And those douchebags who actually make comments about my face - they would always find what to comment on... cause they're douchebags:)

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Your absolutely right, and I just suddenly broke out it was crazy, ive had acne before but this time it's large cystic acne in just one patch on my skin it's very strange. I've cut out junk food from and drink a lot more water but everyday I see it as getting much worse, and the worst thing is I don't know why. Because thank God by right cheek and forehead is completely clear just that patch and abiout 2 on my chin

I've just been using spot sticks and feel I need an actual cream now to sort this out. I don't look at myself in mirror no more or rather stay indoors in my room coz I feel like it looks like a bug burn *recent pic shows *

Thankyou so much for your words they truly make me feel happy. I'll be on the cream quinoderm soon so I pray to God that does some good :)

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if ur not goi g out i recommend just washing ur skin with warm milk or u can even leave a milk mask on the problemed cheek. it helpa me, idk how but it does. i also use honey masks. dont put harsh chemicals on ur skin. i realized that only made my light acne into severe acne

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