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Right side

I got an area of discoloration more on this side from 10% BP....BP isnt great for dark skin even though it controls acne

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I can practically see the painful history and previous acne outbursts from the small scars your legions have left behind. You'll be pleased to know that when you get your acne under control that most marks and dents should fade within time.

May I ask what regime you are on? :) Are you just using 10 BP wash/treatment/lotion/etc... or are you using something else?

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thank you for posting a comment! I know acne marks defo leave history! you know what the marks indents, pock mars really dont bother me!!! I know id have to get plastic surgery to get rid of that. But the dis colourartion is what really bothers me the most...because pock marks etc dont mess up your skin tone but having brown dark marks does! I have been using Isotrexin gel erythromycin 2% and isotretinoin 0.05% for 6 months. Its probably the only thing that controls my acne and fades my brown spots at the same time. I use to use 10% Bp maybe 2 years ago but I found it controlled my acne but made my marks looked 10 times worst....like it was like black dark spots :/ So thats why i stopped.

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