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Isotrexin gel on acne scars/hyperpigmentation for darker skin!

Ive been using isotrexin gel for my acne since July 2012....about 6 months.....its the longest Ive been using it for. I use it nearly everyday at night time before I sleep

The pock marks, ice pick marks dont bother me. surprisingly..I can accept them that they will be there forever unless I want invasive surery but its the hyperpigmentation ( brown/black marks)that bothers me allot...I hate having to wear foundation to cover the discolouration but isotrexin gel 0.05%/ Erythromycin 2% has been the only thing that has improved my dark scars allot without having to resort to other methods ie bleaching

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Have you tried acid peels before? They may help your scars, but those dark spots are going to have to fade away with just time (6 months to a few years depending on how big/deep they are). Hype-rpigmentation is probably the worst thing someone can mention here and have little to no strait answers :(. Whatever you do, do not get laser treatment trying to correct it.

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my marks ie brown marks are on the surface of my skin they do fade but because my acne is not under proper control the marks keep coming back,its acne on top of acne on top of acne!!!! and thats why my marks feel like they have been there for years.

hmmmm a dermo did mention an acid peel. But I still get acne..so theres no point.

I think its best for people who have cleared there acne for good like plp who have taken accutane and want to get rid of there scars. Only when my acne is like 'done' then id think about peels. :/

ohhh I heard lasers are not great. especially for darker skin tones.

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