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me, ick

So this is STILL about two months into the regimin, this is a REALLY bad breakout. it seems like it clears up almost completely and then i break out. i'm sticking with it, ecause my skin HAS gotten a lot smoother since i started. after the third month though if i'm not doing better i might try other things... any suggestions?


(haha aw...coming back and looking at this like six months later...i don't even look like me...man was i a sad kid. now it's getting better all the time!)

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    honestly, your complexion looks exactly like mine did. I had moderate acne of the face, and it seemed to be present mainly around my mouth (where you's is), and slightly on my forehead. Honestly, I have tried so many things for my acne, and the only thing that seemed to work the best is lot's of water with 1 lemon squeezed in it, per day. I am currently drinking 2 litres of water a day, 1 with a lemon squeezed into it, and the other with green tea. My skin has completly cleared, and I only have a few red spots left around my mouth. Aveeno brightening lotion is expensive (comes in a little tube), but it has been amazing for red spots. I cleared up much faster, and it doesn't cause me to have any additional breakouts. I also use spectro jel as a facial cleanser, and mix baking soda with it three times a week (because scrubbing/ exfoliating everyday will just cause more breakouts, trust me). Also, once you have curbed your breakouts a bit better, I would suggest using Delna's egg white mask mixed with lemon. It really brightens your face up, and the lemon bleaches red spots, as well as dries up exisiting acne.

    Anyways, please don't think it's hopeless because it isn't. You'll clear up, it just might take a little longer then you want. Thank goodness for coverup right?

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    I understand your frustration with this monster (acne)... But I learned that over the years I just need to add to my treatment how much I love myselfo.

    I used everything you can think of...I've had it since my teens and now I'm 30...I just had to understand my skin and what affects it...lack of sleep, too much sweets, stress and ofcourse hormones. I used all kinds of pills there is in the market, and it always came back. that's why I was forced to learn my skin, what irritates it, what makes me break out. for example, I know when a product is gonna work on my skin almost immediately. I know the make up or facial power that will make my skin break out the minute I put it on (eventhough it's specially for acne prone skin). I would like to encourage you to make a self assessment and learn your skin. and never give up.

    I get break outs here and there now, and my face has acne scars on my cheecks...but I put my mind into focusing on my innerself and loving myself and meditating on my GOD and I live a great life now...

    My husband is very handsome and my two year old daughter is adorable....

    Focus on: learning your skin and loving self :D;)

    PS: I'm using clinique 3 steps #4 and it works wonders

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