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Okay, so this is me currently. I have been using a clay mask everyday for 7 days so far, it is a bentonite clay which apparantly pulls toxins from the skin so there is an initial period where the acne may be worse, with the clay you are suppsoed to use it everydayfor 2 weeks.

My skin is much softer. I notice my forehead is more red, I believe this clay must be bringing the spots out as in my previous pictures they look not as red? Im not sure.

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    i actually developed acne from a clay mask.

    funnily enough it only appeared on my forehead too mainly.

    Never had a break out before the mask and now a year on and im still fighting it.

    Its improved drastically, but still not the same as before.

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    I'm using a bentonite clay mask once a week... I wouldn't use it every day as it is pretty harsh on the skin... I am just be afraid of it drying out and the dry skin causing more clogged pores, or it irritating your spots more and just making them more red or inflamed. I've noticed that the more I just leave my face alone, the better it gets.

    Just keep an eye to make sure that your skin isn't getting too dry and moisturize well.

    Try some lavender oil to help moisturize and help with the redness. Lemon juice is really good for redness but I'm afraid that would be too drying to combine with your mask.

    Best of luck! :)

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    Hey, I had a similar problem as you are experiencing atm... I took some pills which didnt help so I just let that be and my skin got better. However, my most problem was/is back/chest acne. I have tried every topical treatment there is... If you dont want to take Accutane, why don't you try autovaccine? I've been on it for 3,5 months and I used to get like 10 new pimples every day. Now, I get 1 new like three times a week and that's because I scratch a lot :(... But my problem is clogged pores and blackheads which can't be helped by autovaccine. x

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