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Week 5 On 2012 10 07

Final day of week 5. I just washed my face and used my BP treatment, I did not want to take pics after moisturizing because I did not want the images to be shiny. As you can see the blemishes I had in week 4 are smaller in size to nearly gone. The redness has minimized A LOT! ^o^

I am still showing great progress and I am still thinking about adding in the AHA+ in the near future.

Just to give you guys some idea of how much I have progressed with using the Regimen when I first started, I would say about day 2, while I was moisturizing I decided to count exactly how many pimples I had. I counted 40 with some of those being cystic and irritated. As of today I have counted 21 blemishes with ZERO cysts or irritation ^o^ yay!

BTW, for you ladies out there deciding on starting the Regimen, I did this without wearing make up the entire time. I would say this is going to help your healing process and lets the treatment do its work. Let me tell you the first day going to work was difficult for me because I counted on my make up SO MUCH to hide my imperfections and acne. I have become so used to not wearing coverup that I am looking to just using tinted moisturizer to give me some color back from the white paleness after using SPF Olay. I do not think that I will ever use foundation again. BUT it is also because I have come to live with the skin I am in and do not care what others think of imperfections that they can see.......because NO ONE is perfect! Don't ever forget this! We are all too hard on ourselves to live for what others think about us ;-)

Take Care everyone & stay Healthy!

Evalina S

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