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Week 2 On 2012 09 16

Today is my last day completing week 2, tomorrow starts week 3. I have been using the alternative products that Doug suggests but using the face wash I have been using in the past. See my list below.

Trader Joe's Spa face wash with tea tree oil

Neutrogena On-the-Spot BP treatment

Olay complete all day moisturizer w/sunscreen SPF 15

Eventually I plan to order the AHA+ but will run this by my PCP to ensure I am on the right track, not to mention to see about getting an Rx for the BP 2.5% ;)

You may find that I have a couple of new pimples and this is because it is going to happen until I have been on the regimen for quite some time. I am still in the beginning stages so this is to be expected. I have read a lot of Doug's posts as well as other acne info you can find on the web. They all say it can get worse before it gets better.......totally hate this phrase, but it is to be expected. At least I did not end up with the cystic acne that could have come about at this stage. I had taken an antibiotic some time ago and it got REALLY bad and PAINFUL, itchy, you name it! So these new little pimples are more than welcome ;o)

Keep on trecking everyone it is a slow process but it's best not to rush it. I am glad this is working for me because I did not want to resort to taking chemicals that could harm my body on the inside. But for those of you who have to take meds to help with your acne I do wish you the best and in the end it all works out......with clear skin ^o^!

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