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Day 177

I can happily report that these days I dont really break out anymore. It is my time of the month right now and I recieved only ONE pimple. WOW! Big difference from about six months ago. I remember when I woke up to THIRTY new pimples.

Honestly, I would say I get a few zits every few weeks. I cant complain. I dont expect perfection. If I look at my skin really close, I see all kinds of issues, so I dont look too close. Having acne has made me very aware of everyting that is on my face. I am pretty sure my skin wasnt perfect before the acne started. I never looked that close becasue there wasnt really a point.

I still have scarring, but nothing I cant deal with. I know it will take lots of time for the scars to go away. They SLOWLY are. I can deal with that. I can also deal with small breakouts because I know they are not permanent and just a "freak" type of thing that happends sometimes, even on the regimen.

All I can say is that I am very happy with my skin, imperfections and all. I am getting married on the 29th this month and I never thought my skin would be this awesome. I dont feel anxious about pictures anymore, thats for sure!

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      Wow! Very clear. I can tell you're happy with clear skin. ha ha.. Meh, I dunno why I get very noticeable scars.. people like you are lucky not to get scars. Your skin is near perfect. ^^

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      I saw your other 2 very close up pictures and didn't see scars at all. If I take my pics like that, it would be so visible. I am glad your skin is clear at the perfect time since you're getting married. Also, thanks for posting pictures for us!

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      I agree with Ghostunit, i can't see anything :) but if it bothers you i would recommend asking your derm for a light chemical peel because i did one a wholly cow it got rid of so many red marks. Good luck, your skin looks amazing!

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