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Scars -Left side different angle (Aug 2012)


Here are the first painfully detailed images of my scars in high resolution . I don't know if or how I will approach treating them. It all depends on the resources available to me (mainly time and money). Suggestions welcomed!

Scar pics are so tricky, in some lighting it looks fine but in others it looks really bad. That is why I took multiple pictures with different angles.

From the album:

Scar Wars -what to do?

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You look pretty^^. ARe those oid scars? If not, then it will loook better soon. You gotta use aloe vera as it helps with scars. Make sure to message.

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Thanks for the compliment. They're mostly shallow rolling scars in my non-expert opinion. Definitely not raised in any way. I'm loving aloe right now, it really helps the skin heal.

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u look great even with a few scars...my advice is dont throw too much money at your scars...i have done it to mine (laser treatments) and although it has helped, no treatment will give you a huge improvement...expect around a 50 percent improvement at most..fraxel laser is a good option

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