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Day One
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Day One



© TreatAcne
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Best of luck in this latest attempt to tackle acne. I wish you all the success in the world. I really admire your determination and I read somewhere else you said that acne doesn't get you depressed. That's deserves a lot of respect. Don't listen to those diet nazis nosying about in your business with their crazy assumptions about what you do and don't do with your body. Health is paramount of course, but the extreme fundamentalist nonsense they spit out is something else. There's something about the zealot we tend not to trust, and for good reason. They imply acne is totally your fault because of your diet and that is just not fair, or accurate. You deserve support, not criticism, and I'm giving you support by the bucket loads :)

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Ignore the 'know it alls' as well as the 'i think i know it alls'. Sometimes we just have to recognize that the majority of acne is really not our fault. I sometimes feel that genetics is stronger than what we give it credit for and even though a healthy diet is awesome (for health in general), it is not always the sole golden ticket in treating acne (i've been on a healthy diet since January and my acne is worse now than it was then so.....). It's a good idea to give your face a break after this regimen (though i hope this helps you tremendously).

I however caution that if your acne begins to get worse and worse, to prevent possible scarring (which can be permanent), go see a naturopath. I know it is expensive but while acne will go away, scars can be permanent.

Good Luck hun - i this will have an end for you!

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Your skin is getting better! I will be busy soon with college. I want to be like you,study in the library for hours. That's good that you're a very happy person! I am, too! People gets mad when I smile at a serious situtation. So far, like 4 people at my jobs said soemthing about my smile. They were not positive though. I will keep on, don't care :) I am just a happy person.

Good luck with everything! <3

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Also, jojoba oil is amazing. You should use it as cleanse. When I shower, I apply a bit of jojoba oil on skin and message for 1-2 min, then I rinse it off and get out of the shower and pat dry my face. My skin is smooth and soft. I think it was the jojoba oil :)

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You are such an honest person and it is real inspiring. I hope you can finally get rid of your acne with what you are doing. Im so happy to come across you posts. And I have read everything! :)

Good Luck!

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you are a strong person. keep at it

and remember..when all feels pointless

There are a bunch of us here wishing you the best

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Your post is very clear and honest, you're looking better in your recent pictures. Good luck in your journey to clear skin and a healthier life! :)

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