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Day 122

I don't think the pictures clearly show it, or maybe I am being much too critical of my skin, but I have had a hell of a time with my skin over the past week and a half. I can clearly see that my scarring is continuing to fade. I can clearly see that the number of pimples I get have decreased a great deal. However, my skin has been breaking out much more than what has become my "normal." My normal was becoming what one person might call light acne. I was getting a new pimple every few days. Compared to my old skin, that is a fantastic number. I had a rough weekend with a drunk brother in law, about a week and a half ago now, that put his hands (most likely dirty, sweaty and generally gross) on my face multiple times because he thought it was "funny." Well, about four days later, my skin retaliated. I got two blackheads (uncommon for me), two whiteheads and about five papules/pustules. Being that I am me and I can't miss a great opportunity to ruin my skin, I popped and picked. The blackheads were red for a day and healed without a scar, so I am actually glad I popped them. One of the whiteheads popped one time and left a nasty red scar (it is clear in one of my Day 122 pictures). One of the whiteheads popped no less than five times and left a nasty scab (now scar) on my face. I swear, at one point it was the size of a dime. It was a HUGE mistake to pop it and I have many regrets (one that I see every time I look in the mirror). The papules/pustules mainly popped and scabbed and then left tiny red marks. Since this "situation," I have been over analytical and too harsh with my face. I am falling back into some old habits and I have to get myself out before I make it even worse. So, starting tonight, am going "all-gentle" again. I think it is the only way to make it better again. I also need to stop being so psycho about my skin. It still looks great - it's just hard to notice most of the time.

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