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Got Hops?

Take three spikes and call me in the morning.

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    Nice, but you can hardly see me coming from the right side to swing block and roof your butt. :smile:

    Seriously though, nice :P What's your vert?

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    'Sup Bumbler...you play? Nice...

    My vert isn't astounding. I don't have genes with good enough ups. Rats! I'm 5'10" and used to be able to dunk a little basketball...mainly cause I can't palm a real basketball. My hands aren't big enough. lol

    What about you?

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    Looks pretty high to me. My vert is 32-ish at best. Let's see...at 5'10 you'd have probably about a 7'8" reach and to dunk a miniball you'd need about four or five inches of finger clearance on a 10' net working out to about 33-34 :eek: inches of vert and it certainly looks like you're that high in the picture. Where's ur Red Bull? :smile:

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    Those are quite the calculations you got going there Bumbler! I'd be honored to have 34 inches of vert. :P:drool: But I doubt that I can jump that high. :drool:

    I just loved watching the dunk contest of...2000 was it? With Vince carter and the vertical meter. That was sick!!!!!!!!

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    I have a poster in my room of VC busting out the between the legs dunk at the all star game you speak of. It had to be the most impressive combination of dunks at any contest. It was a travisty they didn't let him dunk this year.

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    They didn't..."let" him dunk this year? I thought it was because he didn't want to. I'm all sorts of confused now. :P

    The latest dunk contest was pretty good too. That one guy did 1-better than all of VC's dunks. Not the most innovative, but he showed that he could improvise.

    So what's your vert?

    P.S. This picture of me was taken on a CRAPPY 35mm insta-camera. I'm so glad that it turned out.

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    I'm about 32" on a good day.

    I heard that VC wanted to enter but wasn't allowed to because it was the "rising stars dunk contest" and Vince is an already-risen (is that a word?) star.

    This year's was solid, but it would have been exceptional if J-Rich had hit his 360° between the legs. That would have opened up a whole new era in dunking...

    ...It would be like, "In the beginning, there was Dr. J....then there was Nique, and there was Jordan...then there was Vince, and T-mac...and then there was J-Rich.

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