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Day 70
© TreatAcne

Day 70

Day 70: Week 10: Month 2.

I am quite impressed with the regime, more than I ever thought I would be. Keeping up with it twice a day and being persistent has been difficult because it seems so impractical, but I'll bear with it for now.

Regime Here: http://www.acne.org/...st-acne-regime/


© TreatAcne
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1st Regime (Dan's Regime) (CLOSED)

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Your skin looks great ! From your photos, you don't have any active spots or indentations.

Are you still continuing with using BP ?

You're so brave to make your photos public. I'm also a uni student and I suffer from moderate acne/blackheads. Itt really affects my self-esteem. I've noticed that stress and sleep deprivation plays a huge role on how my skin 'behaves'. Luckily I can conceal some of it with makeup so at least I can look more 'normal' when I'm going out or have to face people.

Just wondered if you've tried using glycolic peels ? I recently started a session of them at a clinic and it has reduced scarring and made my face a lot smoother.

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Hello creme_puffx. Thank you for your comment, that was very sweet :).

Last night was the last time I used the BP because I took the last bit inside the bottle. I can not afford anther one. Starting tomorrow morning I am using pure 100 percent TTO ("Jason" Tea Tree Oil 30ml) and mixing 2 drops of it into my cleanser, someting I got at Walgreens. I will still be using the same cleanser and moisturizer.

I have no issues making my photos public because I am so very busying studying for college and caring for my family that i just don't notice them. If you ask me, the media and mainstream gives the false impression that everyone should be beautiful with flawless skin when we all know that that is not the case nor is it always possible. I have yet to meet one person in Chicago who looks like their profile should go on one of 'those' magazines at that very moment.

I have heard about all those acid peels before, and I am still considering it. I have no problems trying them, I just have the issue of afford them. I hard they are fairly good at getting rid of those small scars, so you should be fine and quite happy with the results :). At the time, I am allowing my spots to fade at their own pace, however slow that may be. I stopped wearing makeup when I started the regime, simply because I have no time to wait for the moisturizer to dry. What you see is how I look like right now.

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