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Ten weeks, still going...

I've had one very minor breakout in the last five weeks. I couldn't really call a few pimples acne and they vanished within just a few days anyway. Crazy to think that less than a year ago, I'd suffer a new week-long breakout, every week, without fail. Amazes me, what a difference the relatively minor diet changes I implemented have made since December and I never imagined I'd actually get to a point where I could say, "I've been acne free for ten weeks". smile.png

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Thank you!

Well, I've got a supply of Isotretinoin gel to keep me going and that works great for me whenever something does pop up. I'm allergic to BP and I've always struggled to find a topical that helps the acne without practically melting my face off. I mentioned it to my doctor early last year and he prescribed the gel. Only need small amounts of it and a single tube seems to last for ages. I got a new tube each time I got a new box of Doxy so I've got six or seven tubes of gel still unopened and at the slow pace I go through it, they'll probably last a couple of years! :lol:

I'm hoping that removing the things from my diet which I'm intolerant of, and my supplement intake will be enough to keep the acne at bay. I really don't want to go back to how things used to be. I had more than twelve years of it and I think that's more than enough. I've done my time so hopefully it will leave me in peace. I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope that things don't go downhill once I taper of the Doxy.


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Thanks, Kaila. :)

Still have my moments where it's not so good, although that's mainly self-inflicted.

Going through one such period at the moment actually. Picked just to the right of my mouth and just above the bridge of my nose straight between the eyes. Two or the worst places! Hate having sore spots near my mouth as they don't look good and it turns to laugh or even smile. As for the huge red mark between my eyes... impossible to miss!

Really don't like it when I go through these phases because it always works out badly and I aught to know better by now. It's the weekends that are the worst, I get bored and I pick. Same old story. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself I suppose, but I guess I'll have to work on healing it over the next couple of days as I have a job interview on Wednesday and I'd like for it to have calmed down by then.

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