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End of 2011

  • Increased Vitamin A, Vitamin B and fish oil
  • 100mg Doxycycline each day
  • Isotretinoin gel applied each night to what was left of the problem areas where I would tend to pick the most (right cheek, nose and chin)
  • Less picking and as little time spent in front of the mirror as possible
  • Four weeks into a new diet (as per the results of an intolerance test, no boiled milk, less yeast, less dairy, less processed food and less spicy food)

Aside from the odd red mark which I couldn't care less about, I'm clear. I hope this continues. I think the biggest difference with this clear period is that I feel it's a direct result of the steps I've taken. For example, the changes I made to my diet have also totally cleared the eczema I had (on my eyelids, of all places!) for close to two years.

I've also left my skin alone and haven't picked anything which I shouldn't for close to three weeks. The good thing there is that the less I pick, the less I break out, meaning there's less to pick anyway so it just seems to get easier and easier.

For the first Christmas in 13 years, I was clear. I even posed for pictures with my family which felt like a pretty big deal because I haven't done that for the last 13 years and it's almost like I wasn't part of various family events. It was nice to feel comfortable and able to include myself.


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Thank you. :)

The confidence is a seperate issue in truth, in as much as that I don't really have any, regardless of what my skin is like. But I'm going to work on it so that I can make the most of things and be happy. If my skin is starting to clear up properly, long term, and this isn't just a passing phase, I reckon that will help me a lot in gaining confidence.

There's no reason why you can't get the skin you'd like to have. I guess it comes down to finding what works for you. It's not always easy, taken me thirteen years to start figuring it out properly, but it's all part of the journey and everything we try which doesn't quite works brings us closer to the thing that does. :)

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Thank you, very kind.

The days keep passing and, aside from the odd tiny pimple which doesn't matter, my skin is remaining this way. Feels strange but I'm sure I'll be able to let my skin-related anxieties go eventually if my skin carries on this way. :)

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