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Indented Scars

Well hi people :)

i have a new camara which is uber cool, only bummer is it shows my scars up way way more :dance:

as you can see my acne is nearly gone :(

these indented scars suck, but it all depends on the lighting to how more they show...

p.s Should i cut my hair sort again or let it keep growing?

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hmm, I like guys with long hair but it depends on how it looks. Its your decision but I think you should get it cut. But maybe you should keep it because it destracts people from looking at your scars.

Otherwise, you're pretty cute :(

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that was really spiteful - ignore her childish comments

I must stress that it is not true at all. You have a lovely face and smile. I can barely see any scars and Im not just saying that. Lots of guys have scars, it makes them look 'rugged' and 'manly'. Look at soccer and rugby players. also other people get scars through life for other reasons ie. accidents, playing sport etc. My dad has a funny scar above his top lip where he cut himself shaving.

It is no big deal at all. Few people go through life without any. I really wouldn't worry too much - honestly!

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long hair is the best looking. I used to have a ton of it until I donated it to Locks of Love. My hair was also CAUSING my acne, so I had to get rid of it. I miss it. Short is is good for taking showers and just waking up and doing nothing to it. Dreadlocks are best. You look sweet dude

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fuck you and a bag of cookies whoever said I was spiteful...well I might have been...thats my problem, I never think before I speak...don't take anything personally from me lol

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