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Photo On 11 2 11 At 3.07 PM

Things are looking okay these days. I didn't really keep up with my progress on here much but here I am a few days ago, I have been using tazorac in the evenings, maybe every other day only because my skin has been very dry thanks to the cold weather. I still have a lot of redness in my cheeks and chin as well as small under the skin bumps on my forehead. I wish I knew how to get rid of them. My forehead itches sometimes and I accedently popped on of the acne bumps on my forehead but it did not turn in to a white head or anything. If any one has any idea on how to get rid of these please let me know, the redness I can deal with but these bumps just make me want to hide my face even more. One day I hope to have touchable soft skin on my face. I'll let you know if I see any improvement. For now, goodnight.

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Clear Skin Here I Come!

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As a quick tip: If you ever pop a pimple make sure to apply an antibiotic or alcohol to prevent infection.

Good luck!

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Hey girl, you have some redness like you mentioned but your skin looks good! Are you still wearing makeup? I've taken that approach of just living without it :)

What I found was the culprit for those clogged pores on my forehead was the moisturizers I was using. I began researching if silicones are bad for you, and even though there's a debate, I decided to try a silicone free moisturizer and if it made any difference.

I can't exaggerate how amazing is the moisturizer I use now. All the little bumps on my skin and forehead are all gone. I get a random little one on my forehead, but overall my skin is the smoothest and clog free I have ever seen it. So, the moisturizer is listed in my signature, Pratima neem oil sunscreen, but it costs a lot of money to ship it so I just ordered the body sunscreen which pretty much has same ingredients but is twice as big. I just ordered a heavier non-spf moisturizer to wear at night so I'll see what that does. I hope this helps!!

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