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Really bad break out (left side)

Usually I don't breakout in my cheeks but recently its BAD. I do everything to try and be healthy and do lots of research on acne and why I may still be getting it. I'm vegan right now but I avoid just about all grains(refined/whole except psyllium husk fiber),Nuts, Fats(occasional avocado slices/flaxseed powder),Most soy products, and anything too sugary. So all I try to basically eat is low sugar fruits and salads(vegetable juices/smoothies homemade) with occasional vegan protein powder(rice based lately). On top of that I exercise plenty several times a day and sweat alot, oh and avoid sunlight always(covering up my face with parasol/face visor). But yet lately around the time that I might get my period I always get some acne.

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Here's just my two cents:

Rice is also grain. I would avoid the protein powder. Those isolates are no good.

You need better protein sources. I would suggest animal products, as it is the healthiest way to get bioavailable protein. If you're vegan because of ethical reasons, then I don't know how to help :( at least try eating good quality eggs, if you can.

Fruit and vegetables are hardly a good diet, just because I'm wondering, where are your calories! Vegetables and fruits are not calorically dense, and in order to get all the calories you need in a day, you'd have to eat pounds of food at every meal. Some people do that, sure, but you have to watch out. It's a dedicated lifestyle.

Why do you avoid sunlight? Getting around 15 minutes a day with no sunscreen is ideal so you can get more vitamin D. Isn't it a little bonkers to think we evolved to not handle sunlight? As long as we have strong, healthy systems, the sun shouldn't be a bother. Photosensitivity would only result from topically-induced skin damage, like benzoyl peroxide. To that I would say, keep wearing sunscreen and start taking vitamin D supplements.

Flaxseed isn't a great source of omegas, because they just aren't bioavailable. Also, considering your diet, although it isn't nutritionally dense, your omegas should be fine. Too much of any type of omega can be inflammatory or damaging. it's best to eat foods with the best omega-balanced compositions.

Fats are good for you. You want fat. It's only vegetable/hydrogenated (trans fats) oils that you want to stay away from. There's plenty of research saying that fat in the diet helps you absorb nutrients better too. Fat makes you happy. Fat gives you energy. Fat is fab! Okay I need a better saying than that.

Avoiding "most" soy products isn't all soy products...hm...and anything too sugary? Do you mean you sometimes eat low-sugar processed food? Sometimes it's better what we don't eat than what we do. If you're still letting soy sneak into the diet, try to eliminate it completely.

Exercising several times a day? That's definitely not a good idea. Exercising should be intensive and only a few times a week. Everything else should just be light to moderate activity. Too much cardio work/continuous activity can stress the body--increased cortisol levels are not good.

I get breakouts around my time of the month too...there are supposedly herbs to help control hormonal breakouts, but I've tried them and they don't really seem to work. I'm not sure how to handle the hormonal breakouts (still working on that one), but hopefully my opinion might help you if you feel like your diet is just making things worse.

The cool thing about diet is that there are so many to try and so many ways to change it, it's impossible to feel stuck. There is no one optimal healthy diet.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. I don't think I could eat eggs though over protein powder but I might stop takin the powder too, even though I don't use a complete serving of it in my shakes.

The flaxseed I only spinkle tiny tsp and on occasions, so maybe thats not the problem either. As for fats I heard good and bad things,I eat them in small amount but I really dont want to gain weight again either.

I do need to cut out soy products because I recently found out I should avoid it for acne, and I avoid just about all processed foods except occasional sugar free gum and almond milk but without sugar(in small quantities).

I find I get migraines when I am out with no sunglasses or umbrella to cover me form the sun and my eyes hurt alot so does my skin. :/

As for my calories, i'm pretty sure i'm getting enough because I never fainted while exercising or taking long walks for hours and have enough energy for the whole day, most of the time I feel I eat too much calories. But I'll keep trying thanks for the suggestions!

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