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The waiting game after accutane is hard. I have to wait a year to get anything abrasive done to my scars. I read in your post that you've looked into scar treatments. What kind if you don't mind me asking?

To tell you the truth, I haven't heard a lot of good things about laser resurfacing. I've also read a lot about dermabrasions and that alone won't do much for deep scarring. Punch floats or punch grafts on scars to raise them up and then have them resurfaced seems to be a good idea. I'm not a PS, but this is what I've researched gets the best results. Or, you could opt for some kind of filler. There are some people in the scar forum that know a lot about these procedures. Also, there are a lot of quacks out there, so make sure you choose a good doctor if you decide to get anything done.

I had smoothbeam and it was a total waste of $1200, plus it made my acne so bad, I got more scarring. I have a lot of scarring.

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I looked into laser resurfacing, but over time, i've heard it won't do much for me. I need something drastic, obviously. I'm thinking maybe dermal filler, but hey, I don't know what'll work, if anything.

I'll try ANYTHING if it'll work.

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:( Awwww I know it sucks arse having acne.

Sometimes you get good days wen there is NO pimples on ur face and then the next day you get all these nasty ones.

So did you say that you were trying Roaccutine (or accutine)??? Well I'm gonna go and visit the dermo in a few weeks because my GP put me on Deoxylin and I have been on it for 2 weeks and I cant really see a difference. Well I do hope that this will work out for you :angel:

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I have some scars similar to yours. Have you looked into scar revision. My derm thinks he can cut out some of the scars and create a smaller less noticable scar

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Hey! You know what? Ive been browsing these pictures to find "scars" not so much acne and I feel the same way you do, people tell me they cant notice mine, BUT I notice them...I had clear skin UP UNTIL NOW...IM 25 and just got "adult acne" mild case too and I actually got scars from picking and even from not picking...did you talk to anyone about what you can do for this? Cause Im trying to do all the research possible

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My scars are alot like yours. I haven't done any treatments yet but intend on Isolagen and subcision maybe. Fuk the dermabrasion and laser route. My acne is making a comeback after 5 years post tane, but I'll just do accutane again...so worth it. Good luck! Keep us posted on any progress, please!

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