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What sort of treatments do you think I need?

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I don't think you need anything. Your skin looks pretty good to me! :]

Thanks, that's a really kind thing to say!

I've had so many comments over the years. Most recently my nine year year old son asked me why my skin was different to his, and this made me start over-analysing my face again. Because of having acne as a kid and being called all sorts of names (something which led to a sucide attempt), then having a friend ask me why I don't have surgery on my face to get rid of the scars, then other friends complain that I took 'too long' to put make up on, then, when I had a routine of dropping my daughter off to nursery, going swimming, then having a hot drink in the same seat everyday in the local leisure centre, seeing a newspaper wide open on the table and an article about Acne Scar Removal staring up at me, I accepted that my face was noticeably scarred. I didn't have the financial resources to do anything about it, though, and when I went to to GP (twice) to ask about NHS treatment, they said it was too drastic for me. Accepting that there was nothing I could do until I had money to go somewhere private, I simply chose to reduced their appearence with makeup, then teach myself to pretend they didn't exist. For years, unless I'm in harsh lighting or sunlight, nobody has said anything. I assumed that they were less noticeable now than they were years ago, but my son's comment made me think again.

After looking into the procedures available, though, anything which removes skin layers comes with the risk of further scarring, a risk I'm not willing to take. So I feel as though I've hit a wall (though dermal fillers can be quite good, I've read.)

Anyway, I've rambled! It's the first time I've ever spoken about it in depth. Thanks for commenting. :(

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